CBSW Series High Frequency Battery Chargers

Made with Mosfet technology and isolation transformer, our CBSW series high-frequency chargers are a combination of power and reliability. S.P.E. allows the possibility to customize and modify to individual requirements some of the features of the chargers in the range.

These are single-phase industrial battery chargers equipped with an illuminated display that allows control of charging current, charging time, and many other specifications. They are multivoltage devices, whose voltage values can range from 12 V up to, in some models, 48 V.

Efficiency > 85%.

The models



S.P.E., with certifications and a lot of experience in the field, also produces the CBSW1-S high-frequency charger in its range: this is a charger with a streamlined, fanless design that is ideal for batteries in the industrial field.



CBSW2-S, a high-frequency industrial battery charger in S.P.E.'s range, is one of the most massive and solid solutions from which to opt: despite this, the handles on the front make it easy to carry and move.



This industrial charger, whose power starts from 480 W up to a maximum of as much as 2160 W, can be configured via smart cards, supplied separately; thanks to this system, the configuration of voltage, current and charging profile can be acted upon.

Chargers suitable for many fields of application

The instruments we produce belonging to the CBSW series possess, within an essential design, features that make them powerful and versatile battery chargers.
The models in this line are suitable for industrial areas, such as for powering industrial cleaning scrubber-dryers, as well as for means intended for material handling, such as pallet trucks and forklifts.