CBN Series SCR Battery Chargers

Made with original high reliability electronic circuitry and Thyristor control (SCR), the CBN series of industrial battery chargers consists of devices, suitable for Wet batteries. They possess short-circuit and reverse polarity protection, equipped with two charging profiles , the Wa profile and the IU profile. Furthermore, beside the usual customizations offered for our products, this series of chargers also includes optional extras such as front label, cover color and totally customized cable terminals.

The models



CBN 1, one of our models belonging to the SCR series of chargers, is a rather powerful and handy solution equipped with original electronic circuitry with a high degree of reliability.



The CBN 2 battery charger model is suitable for various industrial application fields, such as for charging floor cleaning machines or material handling equipment.



CBN 4, the most powerful of the CBN series of industrial SCR battery chargers in our range, is equipped with front handles for easy transportation.

Application of this series of chargers

Thanks to the features and specifications with which they are equipped, the three models belonging to the CBN series are suitable for multiple situations of use: purely indicated for industrial purposes, the devices in question are also suitable for powering floor cleaning machines, scrubbers of all kinds, as well as means for the treatment and handling of materials, thus including the various types of forklifts and pallet trucks.