Our sectors

Leading supplier of industrial battery chargers

The four main segments in which S.P.E. operates are: industrial cleaning machines, material handling (forklifts, AGVs/AMRs), electric vehicles (go-karts, golf-carts) and finally aerial platforms.
This wide range of industrial sectors that our company caters for denotes not only the high quality of each of our charger models, but also the variety of choice we have within our catalogue: in addition to adapting to any type of battery, i.e. lead-acid, gel, AGM and lithium traction batteries, each of our chargers can be customised to suit your needs.

The chargers of which we are manufacturers and suppliers fall into a variety of different categories. With traditional and high frequency chargers, we have become a reference for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), service centres and retailers both nationally and internationally.

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Our sectors


Cleaning machines

We take care of large supplies of battery chargers for scrubber-dryers of all types: we consider machines for all types of cleaning, i.e. both high-pressure cleaners, which make use of strong water jets, and also industrial sweepers and vacuum cleaners.


Aerial working platforms

When we speak of aerial platforms we are referring to all lifting equipment that can be tracked, truck-mounted, vertical, and so on: for lifts and hoists of all types, we at S.P.E. supply strictly electronic, high-efficiency battery chargers that work optimally on batteries of all kinds.


Materials handling industry

One of the most prominent industrial sectors for the application of our devices is material handling; we are talking about a rather wide range of machinery, covering all types of forklifts, pallet trucks, forklifts, manual and electric lifts.


Electric Vehicles

Among the industries that rely on our expertise, a large part of our work is with the electric vehicle industry: we supply chargers for caddies, minicars, go-karts and all the different variants of electric vehicles.

Customisations for 100% adaptation of chargers to needs

Our devices, which are also available in standard versions, can be tailor-made and customised in detail according to the customer’s end-use requirements.
Our customisations take place on two levels: on the one hand, there are aesthetic changes that can be made to certain devices, while the bulk of customisations mainly concern functionality. Between changes in voltage or charging current values, each customer can receive a model tailored to their needs and ensure the most efficient power supply possible for their devices and industrial machinery.