CBHF series high-frequency chargers

Among our various lines of high-frequency chargers, the CBHF series of single-phase battery chargers represents the union of functionality and technologically advanced solutions: WiFi and digitally displayed devices are available.

Battery voltage (available of 12 V, 24 V, 36 V and 48 V versions), charging current and charging curve are easily programmable via DIP SWITCH; the various models are compatible with different application sectors, such as electric vehicles and industrial aerial platforms.

Equipped with thermal protection system, CBHF series chargers are suitable for free acid, sealed and traction gel and Lithium batteries. Optional remote LEDs are available.

The models



Compact and lightweight, CBHF1-SM is suitable for multiple uses, including aerial platforms, electric vehicles, industrial cleaning and material handling machines.



The CBHF1-V2 is one of the most versatile and multifunctional models of high-frequency chargers for industrial in-house production purposes.



Powerful, versatile and reliable: these are some of the features that denote the variety of use and performance of this model.



This innovative series of industrial high-frequency chargers not only has the most classic features of our chargers, but also includes all the advantages of WiFi technology.



CBHF2-M has advantageous technical features: with active PFC, this charger is also equipped with a metal case with handle, making it easy to carry.



ON-BOARD application, STOP button on the front panel, also available in XP (Extra Power) version: the CBHF2-HK charger model is ideal for efficient and reliable power supply.