High frequency sealed series (IP) chargers

The Sealed Series high-frequency battery chargers with advanced technology: they are rated with high IP (Internal protection) values, and feature an almost compact and lightweight design.

Suitable for lead-acid (acid, gel and AGM) and Lithium industrial batteries, and are CE-certified and customizable according to usage requirements.

These types of chargers are optimal for various industrial applications, such as charging aerial platforms and scrubber-dryers intended for floor cleaning.

For more information on individual models and to receive a quote, all you have to do is contact the S.P.E team.

The models



Fan-less design, IP55 protection, integrated discharge indicator: these and many more are the sensational features of the HF1-IP industrial traction battery charger.



The HF2-UI-PFC is a robust and durable solution for power supply in application areas such as aerial platforms, electric vehicles, forklifts and lifting devices.



The TORO 800 is equipped with IP65 protection and a charge indicator in either an integrated or external version: we are talking about a versatile and extremely functional charger.



TORO 1000 is the battery charger suitable for powering batteries from many fields of application: suitable for aerial platforms and electric vehicles, this charger is also suitable for scrubbers and cleaning machines.



Equipped with an IP65 external fan and integrated and external charge indicator, the TORO 1200 is one of the most powerful high-frequency industrial chargers in the range.